Which one's better - iOS or Android - of course, there's no such feud anymore. From users' point of view, it's not a rivalry, but more like a preference, a subjective choice. But if you stick to the Android option, you might wonder what's the best PDF editor app for Android. The saying is that there is plenty of fish in the ocean. But when you choose your future Android PDF editor, you should choose wisely. Especially when it is connected with your work or personal assignments.

So, yes - it's 2022, and there are literally numerous PDF editors for Android that a user can try. Of course, there is always the choice of going for a free PDF reader. But we all know that sometimes reading pdf files is undoubtedly not enough. In most cases, you will need some additional options for editing and annotating the content in your project. Among all those things, there's a variety of features waiting for you to explore.

What can PDF editor apps on Android do

As mentioned, a proper PDF app for Android should not only provide good reading functions. If you aim for a better experience, it's more likely that a PDF editor would serve you better. And such software can do most of the things necessary for office tasks and projects.

So, the main thing, as the term itself implies, is edit. Editing is the king of the features when dealing with PDF files. The reason is that most of the time, users need a lot more than just a viewing or reading option on their PDF app for Android. And edit is the rational sequel to these features. So, when we talk about editing PDFs on Android, there are a lot of things that might appear practical.

1. Create - of course, we should start with the create availability. For example, PDF Extra provides users a well-structured interface to do that. Using their Android devices, users see all their options in plain sight, right after opening the app and entering its Home screen. With PD Extra, you can start this task in a few ways:

- Create PDF from scratch- nothing better than starting from a clean slate. That's why the Create Blank option in PDF Extra brings a doze of convenience when you like to build your pdf on Android. The process and slick interface basically lead the user through the journey: open PDF Extra > on the Tools screen, tap More > in the Create section, tap Create Blank > customize by entering the measurements of your document > tap OK.

2. Combine PDFs - it is another super easy way to create a new PDF on Android, but this time all you need is at least two other files with this format. The flow is quite similar to creating a file from scratch.

- On PDF Extra's Tools or Home screen on your Android device, tap the Combine PDFs option

- Choose the directory from where you need to extract the files (MobiDrive cloud or Internal storage)

- Select the files you want to combine (at least two) and tap Next

- Tap Combine to confirm.

3. Scan to PDF - probably the most convenient way to create files using PDF editor on Android. It is a slick option that gives you all the necessary tools to come up with a fresh PDF document in seconds. To do that:

- tap the Scan to PDF option

- scan the content you need with your Android device camera

- tap the taken photo

- type a file name and make adjustments, if necessary

- tap the Save icon on the top right, and voila - you've got your brand new PDF from a scan.

4. Convert function - another top-notch option to keep up the good work when dealing with PDF editors for Android. Who says that creating and editing is enough? Suppose you're one of those professionals who are more likely to go on and explore their PDF software's options. In that case, the conversion is the thing to do with this Android-abled software. It allows you to quickly turn a PDF to other formats, such as image, word document, Excel, ePub, and vice versa.

Best PDF editor for Android

First of all, when you're on the verge of choosing your next or first PDF editor, you should consider if you need it for a PC or portable device. Bearing in mind the mobile option is more compatible, let's see which are some of the best PDF editors for Android right now.

The best Android PDF editors can provide you with everything above simple file reading. Creating, merging, converting, annotating - they all should come in a package if you aim for a superb experience and results.

Of course, when we talk about "the best", we should suppose this is quite a subjective decision. But still, if we need to come up with a short list of some of the most praised Android PDF editors, here it is:

- Adobe Acrobat Reader;
- Foxit MobilePDF;
- ExPDF Reader;
- PDF Reader Pro;
- Xodo PDF;
- PDFelement;
- Kdan PDF Reader, etc.

Among all these, PDF Extra stands out, offering the complete package of editing features for you to handle your PDF on Android. Fill, sign, add a digital signature, document protection, print, share - the top features are in the grasp of your palm, ready to serve you in everyday tasks and professional endeavors.

How to choose the best PDF editor for you

Choosing the best Android PDF editor is a purely subjective decision. It's a biased solution aiming to bring the most convenient PDF editor app for Android to your service. So, before choosing, consider the main reasons for selecting a given app. That's your top point of decision. If you need it for more simple tasks like reading a file, it's better to go for "a basic" one. If you need it for adding signatures, markups, and other annotations, aim for a PDF Android app that offers these features. Such principal options are plenty enough, so you won't have to invest in more expensive programs to find the best free pdf reader for an Android phone.

On the other hand, if you are more of an experienced PDF user or need all there is in terms of PDF editing, you should consider an app that offers the whole package.

Additional recommendations and tips

Speaking about making a justified personal decision, advice or tips for selecting the best PDF editor for Android might be out of place. But still, the best way to make the right decision is for you to go through a bunch of apps. Put them to the test and find out how they function. Experience their user interface and approach towards you. And also - it's not obligatory to go for the most popular name on the market. It might be a good suggestion, tested by many users, but at the same time, it might not work for you and your professional necessities or work style.
That is why the best flow to follow is to mark out a few PDF editor apps for Android, try them, and then make a reasonable decision. It won't be very hard, nor time-consuming.