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PDF Extra's PDF Compressor is designed to optimize PDF documents, by making them smaller, faster to
load, and easier to work with. PDF Extra takes your original file and compresses it to only a fraction of the
original size in a few easy steps. The compressed PDFs are faster to share and take up less space on servers,
thus streamlining organizations' work with files, and allowing to focus more on value-producing tasks.




Best compression of
embedded images

PDFs are great for arranging complex layouts of images and text and viewing them in a presentable way on any device or software. However, as images and other graphical elements are added to a PDF, its file size will rapidly grow, making it hard to use and share, regardless of if it's from a computer, email, or collaboration platforms. To avoid this issue, PDF compression is crucial. PDF Extra’s compression takes all embedded images and allows you to customize the percentage of compression, and then optimizes the quality to the selected file size. Preview the compressed file to make sure everything's in order, hit save, and that's it.

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Explore the full functionality of PDF Extra today

With more options for compressing PDF to the most compact size possible, PDF Extra is a highly functional tool that is ideal for individual and business users ranging from students, professionals, startup workers to the employees of an established teams. Easy to learn and cost effective to license, PDF Extra delivers rich functionality without requiring weeks to learn and get used to. To learn more about options for compression within PDF Extra, download and explore our 14-day free trial version now.

Compressing PDF documents to the most compact size possible is just one feature in PDF Extra's highly functional toolkit ideal for everyone- from the students and professionals to the startup workers and established teams. Easy to learn and cost-effective to license, PDF Extra delivers rich functionality without requiring weeks to learn and get used to. To learn more about PDF Extra', download and explore our 14-day free trial version now.

When compressing PDF with PDF Extra, the software allows you to preview the file size of the compressed file and adjust the level of compression until the file size is satisfactory. Previewing is also practical for checking the image quality, as PDF compression of images may reduce it.
The PDF Extra compressor balances an optimized file size against the expected quality of images, and other file content. If you are not sure what level of compression to use to keep the quality of a PDF file, leave it to the PDF compressor to use the default optimized settings. PDF Extra will reduce the size of your PDF files, without compromising quality.
There are plenty of online and offline tools that allow you to compress PDFs and make them easier to share in different ways. However, most of these free online compressors do not allow any level of compression customization, which means you don't have any control over the extent the file is reduced to. Keep in mind that security is important when working with online tools. With offline PDF compressors, such as PDF Extra, you work locally on your desktop where security is not an issue. With PDF Extra's compression you can also decide how much the embedded images' file size will be reduced.


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