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As PDF documents are an essential part of your work and education, the ability to edit their contents is very important. With PDF Extra’s powerful Editor you can change any aspect of your PDF's text, images or structure directly in your PDF file without the need to export it or copy the content to another format.




edit text tool
Edit PDF text & formatting

Edit, add, delete or rotate text. Finetune the structure via line spacing or virtual scaling. Finish it off by tweaking the text styles, fonts & coloring with the available pdf editor tool.

edit images




edit images
edit images tool
Advanced objects editing

Finetune images and other elements to make your PDF clear and stylish. Add, resize, arrange or rotate any local image & insert pictures from the web. Adjust any element in your PDF - from shapes to drawings and everything in between.




edit create tool
Create PDFs

The PDF Extra PDF editor for Windows allows you to easily make & design new PDF documents from scratch. Create PDFs from any file, split existing PDFs, create blank files, or just use your scanner.

edit images




edit images
edit organize tool
Organize PDFs
It’s easy to move pages around in a file with the Pages PDF editing tool. Delete, rotate to portrait or landscape mode, insert and extract pages. You are in control of your content.



How PDF Extra helps you with PDF editing

We've worked hard to design software that serves everyday PDF needs of professionals and business. With PDF
Extra you’re using an affordable tool that has the power and flexibility you need to edit PDFs safely. You can
revise any text, anywhere on the document. PDF Extra focuses on ease of use and practical navigation of most used
features on a daily basis.

А solid PDF edit tool allows you to modify your document in its PDF format without the need to convert to an editable office document. You can do things like edit the date, change the text, change the formatting, or replace your images. With the PDF editor you can create PDF from scratch – a blank PDF to create further, from scanner, from images, from clipboard image or to convert from Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. Editable PDF software also allows you also to combine several PDFs into a new one. If you need to reorganize the mages of you PDF, you can do it with the pages tool – delete, move or rotate pages depending on your needs.
Many web sites offer free pdf text editors that allow you to make some PDF editing online. PDF files often contain sensitive and confidential information, so it’s essential that any editor you use is able to protect your data. One of the best ways to ensure security and privacy is to choose an offline PDF editor. All of the editing and processing in PDF Extra takes place on your own computer, rather than in the cloud, so you can be confident that your data is safe. Another advantage of PDF Extra and offline editors is that you don’t need an Internet connection to do your job. Most online PDF editors allow basic changes in the document and are not as feature-rich as PDF Extra and offline PDF editors in general.


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