Forrest McKinney

Forrest McKinney

What file type can be converted to a PDF

In case you are among the office fellas that tend to work in different teams and projects, you probably know a thing or two about changing file formats. Especially changing them ...
Sep, 23, 2022

How to remove password protection from a PDF

Protection in a digital world - sounds trendy, isn’t it? But protecting your work and private information in terms of using software is a thing that must be followed so you...
Sep, 19, 2022

How to reduce PDF file size

"Size does matter" - the statement is as potent and unwavering just as its rival opposite, "Size does not matter". Well, whether we like it or not, in some cases, size appears to m...
Sep, 13, 2022

How to convert PDF to Excel

What is a PDF file? PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is designed to be a platform and hardware-independent format that works on virtually all devices. It carries the do...
Sep, 01, 2022

How to combine PDF files

What does combining PDF files mean? Combining PDF files simply means combining multiple files into a single file. That sounds simple enough. However, there are numerous nuanc...
Aug, 31, 2022

Convert PDF to Word

What is a PDF file PDF files are simply files created in the Portable Document Fileformat that was developed way back in 1992 and first standardized in 2008. It’s curren...
Aug, 31, 2022

How to digitally sign a PDF

If you are an office tech rooky office world as a user of Word, Sheets, PDF, or Slides, you might have thought, "whoa, that seems difficult". Whenever you come across a task that n...
Aug, 31, 2022

How to properly read a PDF on iPhone

We all have our preferences with mobile device software. Whether this can be called “a rivalry between iOS and Android” is now more or less a friendly comparison betwee...
Aug, 31, 2022

What's the best android pdf editor

Which one's better - iOS or Android - of course, there's no such feud anymore. From users' point of view, it's not a rivalry, but more like a preference, a subjective choice. But i...
Aug, 30, 2022

What is PDF software

We are already living in a world where every device and application needs to be not only helpful but also portable. We might say that we, as users, demand it. Therefore, hardware a...
Aug, 30, 2022

How to edit a PDF on Android

Editing something we've created is probably just as important as creating it in the first place, since rarely things come out perfect the first time around. Heck, we susp...
Aug, 18, 2022

How to Annotate a PDF

The art of adequately explaining a thing or a process is immensely important, especially in the digital world. PDF documents allow editing in ways that make them more specific, t...
Aug, 05, 2022

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