Edit Images/Objects

Insert a shape

  1. Open a PDF. In the Annotate tab, tap Rectangle, Ellipse or Arrow

  2. To create the shape, hold and drag anywhere in the document. 

Manipulate shapes

  • To change the shape's properties - Outline color and thickness, Fill color, and opacity - tap the shape and select your option from the contextual menu. 
  • To cut the shape, select it and choose Cut. 

  • To delete the shape, select it and choose Delete from the contextual menu

  • To resize a shape, select it and drag a corner handle. 

  • To duplicate a shape, select it and choose Duplicate from the contextual menu. 

To replace an image: 

  1. On the Edit tab, select Image. Select the image you want to replace. 

  2. On the floating toolbar, tap Replace. 

  3. Browse to the folder containing the image you want inserted.


Rotate an image or an object

When create or select an existing object, you can change its orientation by rotating it in 90 degree increments. Use the Rotate handle when you want to rotate the object in other than the 90 degree increments. 

  1. Select the object you want to rotate.

  2. On the floating toolbar, tap Properties.

  3. Tap the Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise buttons, or 
    use the Rotate handle when you want to rotate the object in other than the 90 degree increments. 

The Edit Image options let you move an image or object in front of or behind other objects.

You can push an item forward or back just one level, or send it to the front or back of the stacking order of elements on the page.

  1. Open a PDF, select Edit. 

  2. Tap on the object. On the floating toolbar, tap Properties. 

  3. In the Edit Image panel, tap:
  • Bring to Front. 

  • Bring Forward. 

  • Send Backward. 
  • Send to back. 


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