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Converting a PDF to Word is easy with PDF Extra

Need to drastically overhaul a PDF? We've got you. Just convert it to editable Word formats and make your edits.
Simple stuff. The PDF Extra convertor offers easy-to-use from PDFs to Microsoft Office 365 Word formats
that will keep your original formatting intact.




Scanned PDFs to editable
Word files

Another highly valued PDF Extra feature is the ability to convert a scanned PDF to an editable Word file. Using OCR our PDF to Word tool will recognize the text in your scanned documents and convert them to Microsoft Word files – ready to be modified.

pdf to word




pdf to word
Create PDFs from
Word documents

In case you want to share your Office 365 Word files and protect them from further editing, PDF Extra offers the reverse conversion from a Word file to PDF. The PDF format ensures that your file can be opened on any operating system and device without changing the formatting and layout. With PDF Extra you can easily create PDFs from office DOCX files.


PDF Extra's file conversion can simplify your work

Many businesses and individuals keep their important information in PDF form, but unfortunately have trouble editing it due to not having the necessary tools. PDF Extra fills that gap with its reliable PDF conversion to common formats,including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images. Different kinds of businesses encounter similar problems and can benefit from PDF Extra's conversion between various formats. No matter what your company does, PDF Extra can help you succeed. Let your team focus on their work, and not the tools they do it with. Our software empowers them to work with data in the format that makes sense for your business.

Converting PDF to Word is really easy and there are a lot of free PDF to Word conversion tools online. Most of these, however, often reduce the quality and break the formatting of the original PDF. With PDF Extra's solid converter you can ensure your Word file's formatting and layout stay true to the original PDF.
Creating PDF files on-the-go from a mobile device is a very practical and sometimes necessary ability to have. PDF Extra for iOS and Android, part of the PDF Extra Ultimate plan and also available for free trial, allows you to easily scan paperwork with your device's camera and create a PDF to edit, sign, comment, or share. Continue your work in PDF Extra desktop or convert to Word for even more editing flexibility.


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