Create / Convert PDF

Create a PDF 
In PDF Extra, you can create a PDF from scratch. 

  1. Open PDF Extra, tap New

  2. Select Blank to create a blank PDF page.

  3. Follow the prompts to edit and save the file. 
Create.1 Create.2

Scan to PDF

In PDF Extra, you can scan a document to a searchable PDF using the camera.

  1. Open PDF Extra and tap New.

  2. Select Scan to start the camera. 
    Optionally, drag the corner handles to adjust the resulting scan. 
Create.1 ScantoPDF.2

Convert to PDF

In PDF Extra, you can convert documents, spreadsheets, presentations to PDF.

  1. Open PDF Extra and select New. 

  2. Tap Convert.

  3. Locate and tap the file you want to convert. 

Convert.1 Convert.3

Export images to PDF

In PDF Extra, you can export images to PDF. 

  1. Open PDF Extra. Tap New

  2. Tap Images.

  3. Browse to the directory containing the images you want to convert in the resulting navigation window. You can select multiple consecutive or non-consecutive images.

  4. Tap Add.
Images.1 Images.2

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