In case you are among the office fellas that tend to work in different teams and projects, you probably know a thing or two about changing file formats. Especially changing them into PDF files. If not, then you're in for a pleasant surprise. Changing file formats is not just a simple decision born out of boredom. More often, it is necessary to make the office projects a lot easier (or complicated, it's subjective :) ).

Since we've got your attention (or at least partially), we can dive into the profound idea of converting files into PDF files. It may sound like a ton of work to those of you unfamiliar with the process, but take a deep breath, it's not. Converting files to PDFs is more or less a simplified process that will not trouble even ones with lesser experience.

Converting files is not as godly-like as creating PDFs, but it's as close as possible to this divine software option.

What is a file conversion, and why is it an important feature

For the straightforward thinkers, it is basically changing the format of one type of file to another, for example, turning a Docs file into a PDF one (or vice versa). Simple as that. But it is not so simple if you do not have the right software to do that. For the more metaphorical users, the explanation for file conversion might be explained as a simple language translation.

But why is it so important? Well, the best answers to tough questions are often the simplest ones. Since you have an idea of what it's like working with office software, you probably receive and send many documents in your everyday projects and work in general. So, imagine that during a given communication, you receive a file that is not supported by your device's software. Hence, it cannot be opened, and you cannot have your job done. This is a major difficulty that urges decisions.

File conversion software is the thing that you need in such a scenario. Especially if you need it for a bigger business organization, where all amounts and types of data are being shared on an hourly basis. Thus, no one in such an environment would like to come across a situation where they won't be able to open a type of document.

What software do I need to convert files to PDF


Well, you certainly need the hardware, for that matter. Converting files to PDF might not oblige you to own a dozen of software editors or readers, but it surely will need the hardware to do that. For some time now, mobile devices can do most of the things that a personal 5-kilo computer could only do in the 90s. Now, in order to change a file to PDF is quite easier than ever. For example, PDF Extra works smoothly on personal mobile devices. So, if you are far away on your vacation, away from the home or office PC, you can still change a file to a PDF using your mobile devices. PDF Extra allows you to do that no matter if you're running on Android mobile devices or iOS.

There's a lot of software out there that can serve you well in order to do such conversions. Long story short, you simply need a PDF converter with the right features. But keep in mind that as in choosing the best kitchen appliances, choosing a PDF editor is also a subjective matter. Therefore, allowing yourself a trial period with the product is a good idea to start with. This way, you can check how smoothly (or not) the product fits you and would you be able to do the job in your future projects.

Among the already mentioned topics, there are still other that concerns many users. One of them is a security matter.

Is it safe to convert files to PDF

Data privacy is on the tip of every tongue nowadays. The concept of keeping information safe has passed through many stages, including absolute security, and the idea is that nothing is safe anymore. However, the same question might obsess users' minds when you need to turn different files into PDFs. Especially when we're talking about online PDF converters. Many such online software programs demand file uploading to their servers, after which you download the converted file. Of course, there's the concept of an online virus getting to your computer. So, in order to be safe and sound, stick to the PDF converter applications.

In general, those PDF converters are safe, and when you need to change a file to PDF, there shouldn't be any concerns. However, go for a well-known and officially-tested PDF software. A program that offers support in case something in the process doesn't feel clear to you.

How do I convert to PDF

The workflow could be different for any PDF converter app that's out there. However, in many cases, the process has been simplified to a couple of steps. This way, users could quickly get their files changed into PDF documents in no time.

The process is as simplified as it gets, and every user that has ever been into working with PDF files might find it easy to do that. The idea is that every type of file that can be changed into a PDF should offer this option in-app. Meaning - the best case scenario is that you've got a designated button and feature somewhere in the app that's opening a file to convert it to PDF.

Image into PDF

Let's get on with some of the easiest ways to convert a type of file into a PDF. Yes, you can convert an image into a PDF file with the right app. With PDF Extra, the process is seamless.

1. Open the app and click File.
what file types can be converted to PDF 1

2. Click Create.
what file types can be converted to PDF 2

3. Click From Image.
what file types can be converted to PDF 3

4. Choose the image's destination, click the image and confirm with Open.

*If you're using PDF Extra's mobile version for Android or iOS, you'll also have the access to your camera and to convert a real-time taken photo into a PDF file.

So, what types of files can be converted to a PDF

Obviously, making a PDF out of a simple photo, taken with your mobile device or uploaded from a computer, is easy. However, for professional needs, users will probably need some more options. Since there are a number of PDF converters out there, many of them aim to offer the full package of services when it comes to file conversion. Among the most needed file types are image file formats like .jpeg, .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, etc. Another popular aim is to convert excel files to PDF. Other professionals need to change PowerPoint presentations to PDF as well. Among the most popular file conversion is the one that turns Word documents to PDFs, though.

Let's explore that option with the OfficeSuite Documents file.

1. Open the file.

2. If the content doesn't need any additions and it's ready to be converted into a PDF document, click File.
what file types can be converted to PDF 4

3. Click Export to PDF.
what file types can be converted to PDF 5

4. You will see a preview of the future PDF. Confirm by clicking the Export button.
what file types can be converted to PDF 6

what file types can be converted to PDF 7

*From Settings, you can adjust which part of the whole document you want to convert to PDF.

5. Choose the destination for the file and confirm with Save.
what file types can be converted to PDF 8

This being just a glimpse of what PDF Extra's powerful conversion features can do, allows you to quickly transform a Word document into a brand new PDF file. Using the app on your mobile iOS and Android devices or on your Windows, you can also seamlessly convert Excel to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF, and vice versa - apparently, a great instrument when you need to convert files to PDF.