Protect, Export, and Share

PDF Extra lets you encrypt your PDF files 

  • on file level, allowing no one to view the file, unless they have the password, and/or
  • action level, restricting certain actions, unless they have the password. 
  1. Open a PDF. 

  2. In the upper rightmost corner, tap the Contextual menu, then choose Protect. 
Protect.1 Protect.2

When you share a file, you can

  • Provide a link for people to download. Note that this file sharing option is only available for files you keep in MobiDrive. Be sure to save your file to the cloud.

  • Send a copy of your file as an email attachment
  1. Open your PDF. In the upper right, 

  2. Tap the Contextual menu, tap Share.

  3. Choose an option. 
Share.1 Share.2

To Export a PDF to doc, xls, or ePub: 

  1. Open your PDF. Tap the Contextual Menu, 

  2. Tap Convert to [...] .

Convert.1 1 Convert.2 1

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