Protection in a digital world - sounds trendy, isn’t it? But protecting your work and private information in terms of using software is a thing that must be followed so you will not fall into any “digital” traps. Remember the movie “The Bodyguard”, where Kevin Costner had to find the danger that happened to be so close? Well... you don’t have to be a bodyguard to know that your information and devices must be protected. So, for example, if you’ve got a lot of office tasks, you should keep in mind how to password-protect your PDF files (without being a bodyguard with special fighting techniques).

But putting additional security as password protection to your PDF hides some minor practical issues. Yes, you guessed it - forgetting the password! Well, has probably happened to everyone since the dawn of digital communication. So while we’re on this topic, it is good to know how to remove password protection from PDF files.

It’s common knowledge (and also based on human experience) that you don’t throw away the key every time you lock something. The rule also applies when you password-protect a PDF.

Although all of the above was just a colorful presentation of what might happen when there is digital protection involved in your work with documents, we must be serious about that, especially when it’s connected to sensitive and vital work.

But since we’re pondering digital protection and safety, there’s the question...

Can you password-protect your PDF files?

And since your guess would probably be “yes”, you’ll be right. You CAN password-protect your PDF files, BUT if you’ve got the right software for PDF protection. Several apps offer the option, but as always, you should stick with the one that suits you best.

What does that mean, though - stick to what suits you best? Well, this is a subjective matter and a personal decision, but still, there are some factors that you should consider when choosing the best PDF editor for you that could also remove passwords from a PDF.

Among all of the standard features that a good PDF editor can offer should be the option that allows you to password-protect. This additional way of putting more security into your documents is widely considered one of the most important by professionals. Moreover, it’s essential when you are sharing files between individuals, organizations, and basically in a business environment.

So, password protection of your PDF is of high importance.

Why should you password-protect your PDF files?

Suppose you still do not find it vital. In that case, document protection is a must when you are working with files and sharing them with other individuals. Ask those who have gone through the moment of sharing a document with the wrong personnel.

Long story short, the idea of the password-protection of PDF files before sharing or using them is to have encrypted content visible only to the ones provided with a password. So, opening a password-protected document won’t be as easy as in the tale of the wolf and the three pigs’ houses. You’ll definitely need the correct password.

For example, some types of protection might limit the users’ access to your files as editors or simply readers.

And as we already mentioned, the reasons to password-protect a PDF always lead to the idea of privacy. There can also be commercial reasons or, very often, a company policy.

But before we lead this topic to the idea of removing PDF password protection from a document, we should ponder on what would be the benefits (or the issues) of putting a level of security to your PDF file.

What are the pros and cons of password-protecting a PDF

As we mentioned above, security is the main reason for doing this. It brings a level of confidentiality that might be necessary for a number of situations. So, this is considered a major pro. But, on the other hand, if you are the individual that needs to remember the password and do not have a good habit of remembering passwords... well... you know where this goes, right? Forgetting a password can happen to everyone, even to those of us who basically communicate with passwords. So, the necessity of remembering the password that protects your PDF file could appear as a major con because... memorizing.

Another thing about passwords - you should always bother to choose not only the best one that sounds cool in your head. For example, “password”, “batman”, your ex-girlfriend’s birthday date, “12345...” or any other conventional options are easy to remember. Still, they are easy to be guessed as well.

So, if you’re planning to build a severe stronghold around your PDF files, you should consider creating a strong password. A strong password means that you should use at least eight characters. A mix of upper cases and lower cases is always a good idea. Adding numbers or special symbols also improves the security level of the code you’re creating. In case you do not possess the imagination to create a solid, impenetrable password, you can always seek some help in an online password generator, where you can quickly customize one.

It’s probably unnecessary to say that when you’re ready with the password, you should not keep it written somewhere on your working desk, notebook, or in the palm of your hand. But still, let’s say it - don’t! Instead, keep it in a location accessible only to you.

Another helpful idea that brings more security to your password-protected documents is changing the password regularly.

Following the mentioned advice, you’ll see that the advantages of password-protecting a PDF overwhelm the cons.

How to remove password protection from PDF

First, it’s probably logical to experience the use case of putting a password-protection on a PDF file. For instance, doing this on PDF Extra for Windows is as seamless as it can be.

1. Open your PDF document.
2. In the main ribbon, click Protect.
remove password protection from pdf 1

3. Click Protect Document.
remove password protection from pdf 2

4. Confirm to the message with OK.
remove password protection from pdf 3

5. Select Require a password to open the document to start typing the password you want.
remove password protection from pdf 4

To confirm the password settings, click OK.

6. Save the document and choose a storage location.
remove password protection from pdf 5

After protecting the PDF file, you can share it without worries between business partners, organizations, colleagues, etc.

So, the next logical step is to learn how to remove password protection from a PDF file. And since putting such security into a document can be so seamless, there’s no need to be worried that the reverted process might be more difficult. After all, it’s not a spy game where you have to outwit a computer to get into the world’s most secret vault (or is it...).

1. Open the PDF document you need with PDF Extra.

2. You will be asked to enter the password for this document. After entering it, confirm with OK.

remove password protection from pdf 6

remove password protection from pdf 7

3. Click Protect.
remove password protection from pdf 8

4. Click Protect Document.
remove password protection from pdf 9

5. In the User Rights panel, unselect the previously set commands and password.
remove password protection from pdf 10

6. Confirm with OK.
remove password protection from pdf 11

7. Click OK to confirm the finalization of the password removal process.
remove password protection from pdf 12

Additional recommendations and tips

As we already mentioned, removing a password from a PDF is definitely not a pain. You simply need to stick to the main flow, and all will be good. The essential thing (of course) is to remember our passwords without needing to tattoo them on our bodies (okay, that’s another popular pop-cultural reference).

A wise piece of advice when removing PDF password protection could be to estimate the necessity of using a password in the first place. If this happens to be an imperative, so do it. From there on, please, do find a good way to store your passwords because sometimes remembering is not enough, and precious work can be “lost” forever.

On the other hand, to remove a PDF security password would probably need a logical reason, but hey, it’s your document, your work, and all the specifics depend on you. That’s the most remarkable thing about PDF Extra - you can do whatever is necessary, seamlessly and in no time.