Editing is probably as important as creating. This thing’s for sure. In order to get the job done, there’s no way one could expect that everything will be perfect from the first try. 


Probably even Leonardo had a draft of the Mona Lisa, right! So, the idea of the editing necessity might apply to everything we create - from a pencil sketch in the fourth grade to the ability to edit a PDF file on a phone.

Can you edit a PDF on Android?

The short answer - Yes, you can! Тhere are plenty of options for creating a document on your mobile - PDF from scratch, PDF from image, PDF from scan, etc. 

Still, we should always consider that editing features are important, especially when you use them on mobile devices. And can you imagine - there’s literally a hallway full of options to customize the look of and edit PDFs on Android.

So, let’s forget about the traditional way to handle such a document on a PC and think about how important it is if you can do it on the go, on your mobile device. 

Given the splendid software abilities and neat interface, PDF Extra allows users to dive into this software's countless possibilities and to help you polish a well-prepared file for your professional needs or personal projects.

What are the benefits of editing a PDF on Android?

Well, probably the right answer is “more than enough”, but why not dive into some fundamental details on why editing PDF in Android is a straightforward way to deal with your job and prepare an emphatic and visually-expressive PDF document. 

Because, let’s admit it - working with such files on mobile devices is on the rise, and it’s probably about to get even more fluid and convenient for users. Also, why not? 

We have almost everything “on the go” - coffee on the go, brunch on the go... why not edit  PDF on your phone on the go, thus saving time and effort?

So there are a few main reasons why this is so comfortable for a user:

  • When you’ve got PDF Extra on your Android device, you’ll be able to use the scanner, which is among the top-notch perks of this software. Scanning with your mobile phone camera makes things easier for sure. You can take a photo and scan any content on the go and turn it into an editable PDF document;


  • It’s easy to view such files - many mobile devices do it. But the real deal is in the possibility of editing a PDF. That’s why a full-stack editing application is what you need to aim for when you need your work done in no time.


  • The combination of Scanning and Editing is the rarest combination out there among all mobile PDF apps;


  • Security reasons - in case you have forgotten about it, nowadays mobile devices offer security benefits like biometric readers (fingerprint scanning, face recognition, passwords, hence better file protection). In addition, you can also protect your PDF using those integrated features;


  • Sharing your work and files is much easier than doing it on a personal computer. When editing PDF on Android, you have all the contacts and address books at the snap of your fingers. This makes the sharing process natural and, most of all, quick and easy;


  • Saving on editing time - in most occasions, editing a PDF on a phone needs just a few taps on the display, choosing the right image, or editing already inserted content. 


This is where the good old PC cannot beat mobile devices. Editing on the go on PDF Extra provides all the essential functions of the PC version for you to handle the job right away. Whether you are riding in the back seat of a car, commuting to work, or drinking your morning latte.


  • Converting - yep, if you need to convert PDF on Android, you are good to go! Scan to PDF, PDF to image - you name it! The conversion process is seamless, including the options to export PDF to Word, Excel, and ePub. 


  • Having access to the whole document - yes, sometimes a PDF document displayed on a mobile screen might be a bit of a novel experience, especially if you haven’t got used to working on your phone.

But hey, look on the bright side - mobile screens are not as small as they were in 2005 anymore. Now with a standard screen size, you get pretty good access to all there is in the document. You can zoom, scroll, and navigate wherever you’d like in the file. Everything is well-outlined and visually supported.

How to edit PDF on Android - a step-by-step guide

The answers to this one are multiple. And we should start with an initial question - “what do you need to edit?” 

In order to edit PDF on a phone, you must (of course) download the software product from your device’s supported application store. Edit features are a great way to add, remove or simply change the vision and content of your editable PDF.

Edit text on PDF

Text is logically one of the principal means to create and maintain communication in a written form. But, of course, everything written might need some improvement (remember the theory of Leonardo and the Mona Lisa?).

Hence - all texts, no matter how well written, could sometimes use some editing. An editable PDF on Android lets you play along with text using various features. And the splendid user interface assists along the way.

PDF Extra allows fast ways to get along with the text editing task, and you will experience that at first sight. So here’s the basic flow:

  • Open PDF Extra and tap the Edit text & images feature.

  • Then, select a file you wish to edit on your Android. The options are from your device and your MobiDrive cloud (if you’ve signed up for one).

  • Tap on a file to open it. 
  • Tap on an existing text to select it and activate the editing options. You can freely add or delete content.
  • Use the integrated keyboard that will appear at the bottom of your mobile device’s screen, and make your edits.
  • To activate the clipboard with additional actions, tap and hold in the text you need to edit. The options allow you to Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete. You will also get a Properties option, where you can seamlessly edit the design of the text. This includes changing its Font type, font style, font size, and color.

In addition, you can also improve the readability of your content by adding a highlight, strikethrough, or underlining it. Again, the flow is seamless - open PDF Extra > Tap Annotate > Tap a file to open it > In the bottom menu, slide left for more options > Tap on an option (Highlight; Underline; Strikethrough) > Drag on the text you need to edit.


As an optional free PDF editor for Android, the software also offers a variety of ways for you to test its abilities to handle the basic commands you might need. 

For example, along with text, you can dive into other options, such as adding photos. Because images can definitely work for your written content and can improve your ideas and concepts.

So, here is how to edit PDF on Android by adding and adjusting images to your document:

  • Open PDF Extra and tap Edit text & images.
  • Tap the location where your document is - MobiDrive cloud or the internal storage of your Android device.
  • Tap the document you need to open.
  • Tap Picture from the bottom menu.

Choose from the options:

  • Edit picture - select this option if you want to edit an already inserted image. After that, tap on the image and use the options to adjust it per your needs.

  • New picture - this variant allows you to upload an image from your device’s storage or MobiDrive cloud (if any).

New camera picture - this one allows you to edit PDFs on Android by taking photographs with your device’s camera on the go and inserting them into your document.

How to edit PDF on Android by attaching files?

Since PDF software allows you to attach files, you might find this option pretty useful. So, why not explore this feature and have acquaintance with this valuable way of improving the quality of your document. 


The flow is quite easy:


  • Open PDF Extra.
  • Tap Annotate.
  • Select which file you need to edit.
  • From the bottom menu, slide left to reveal more options and tap the Attach file button.
  • Tap where you need to insert the file.
  • The Android PDF editor will open the configure file manager for your device, so you can choose the one you need to insert into the document.

    Creation before Edit - How to create a PDF on Android quickly

    The question about “which one’s first - the chicken or the egg” doesn’t fit here. Before you start editing PDFs on Android, you should probably explore your options to create one quickly. Here are some of the fundamental ways to do that on PDF Extra:

    - “Create Blank” - it’s like creating a document from thin air. Find the option in the “Create” section of the “Tools” page. This is a clean slate when you need to create a new file with your customization and additions to it;

    - “Scan to PDF” - find the feature in the “Tools” section as well. It allows you to use your Android phone camera to scan, so you can turn the image into a PDF, which you can edit per your needs;

    - “Combine PDFs” - this option gives you the means to combine two PDF documents from your directories into one. Following, you can edit the new file any way you want. 

    Additional recommendations and tips

    As you see, you have plenty of options and ways to edit PDFs on Android. At the same time, the user interface offers improvements that make all tasks seamless and quick to navigate. 


    As an additional heads-up, you should know that no matter if you’re not experienced in editing PDFs on Android, there’s nothing to be concerned with. 

    The process accompanies you all the way - from creating your document to the option of engaging the free PDF editor even for not-so-demanding tasks like adding an image, for example. You just need to stay open to all the improvements along the way.