We all have our preferences with mobile device software. Whether this can be called “a rivalry between iOS and Android” is now more or less a friendly comparison between the two side’s supporters, including when it comes to reading PDFs on a mobile phone.

So, can you read a PDF on iPhone?

As we mentioned, yes - if you are more like a follower of Mr. Jobs' legacy, you can surely do the job on your Apple phone. And there are several ways to do this. So which is the best one? Well... we’ll get to that in a minute.

Reading PDFs

Yep, it’s very easy. In case you need just basic reading of PDFs, the Books app on your iPhone might come in handy straightaway. The interface is quite simple, and you can find anything you need fast enough. This software is also set to read and save any PDF content that you have received via Mail, Messages, or any other app the device operates with.

If you set your iCloud Drive, you would be able to manage all types of documents, including adding PDFs to your Apple Books Library. Whether you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac, the process is straightforward and gives you the excellent option of reading PDF on iPhone. No matter where you are, in your workday or free time.

The process is seamless. When you receive a PDF document via the ways mentioned above, open it > tap the Share icon > Swipe to find the Books app icon and tap it (in case you don’t see the app, tap More and locate it there) > the PDF will automatically open and will get saved in Books > Later, find the file in the Library directory of Books.

The process is basically the same if you do it on Mac, iPod, or iPad, and it will give you swift access to the necessary file. Also, it is relatively more comfortable than doing it on Safari because it is a reliable way to get into the content when you want to explore and read PDFs on your iPhone. And when we talk about reading here, we mean a pure reading mode, free from distractions. Activating Reading Mode is easy. You can find the reading mode icon on the top left corner of your screen (when you open a website). Two-letter symbol marks the starting point, and after you tap on them, you are offered a couple of options. One of them is the Reader View. So, if you consider yourself a reader, you can go for that and experience just the text without any disturbances.

Lots of fish in the ocean

Yes, there is always a bigger fish when looking for the best way to read a PDF on iPhone. However, believing this, combined with the fact that you are among those users simply eager to try new, alternative ways to do their work on their iPhone, there are a handful of opportunities out there.

If you are always searching for a new and more suitable iPhone PDF reader app, choices are abundant, but at the same time, simply viewing a PDF might not appear enough for you. Think about it - reading PDFs on an iPhone sounds sufficient, but you never know when you will need some additional action to do with your document, right?

Understandably, many users can aim at PDF software that gives them a bit more of a fully-featured experience. A spiced-up version of a PDF reader for an iPhone like PDF Extra brings another way to engage your PDF documents. It allows you to view, edit, annotate, and read PDFs on iPhone. It is a commonly-used application and a better alternative to big-name commercial apps.

But as we mentioned earlier, the ocean is big, and plenty of PDF reader apps are waiting to be explored. Some of them are plain readers. Others offer you a bunch of features to edit, annotate, and hints on how to use PDF on iPhone.

Create and convert PDFs on PDF Extra

If you are digging deep for the next great way to read PDF on iPhone, there’s always something new to include in your experience (and who knows, you might just stick with it forever!). Why search for more? Because reading is not everything when we talk about handling such documents. But how to settle for simply reading PDF on iPhone when you want something more? You will need an app that offers you the freedom to operate some more functions to do your work.

PDF Extra offers you a quick and enjoyable way to read, edit, annotate and improve a document anytime you need it.

To focus more on the whole PDF experience, we could start with the necessity of further engagement with such files. When you use PDFs in your work, it is almost certain that you will need to add, remove or otherwise edit them. And this counts for both written and visual content. Annotations, comments, and other features like sharing are among the highly valued perks that make a good PDF reading app even better.
PDF Extra allows you to do all these with your PDF on your iPhone anytime you need to.

Start by creating a PDF on iPhone

It’s effortless to open a file. When you launch the app:

1.On the PDF Extra Home page, tap the Create Blank option.

create pdf from blank

2.Afterwards, add the content you need.

3.Tap Text Box if you want to insert text in the form and type freely.

4.If you need to adjust the content per your design, you can highlight, underline, strikethrough, freely draw, add images, stamp, notes, etc.
highlight text in pdf

Scan to PDF on iPhone

It is relieving to know that even more options exist to create a PDF on iPhone from scratch. One of the easiest and most interactive ways is using your mobile phone camera to take a photo/scan and turn it into a PDF. It all happens in a few simple steps:

-Open the app and tap the Scan to PDF button;
scan to pdf

-Allow PDF Extra access to your iPhone camera;
-Take a photo of the document or other content you want to turn into a PDF;
-Make adjustments if necessary;
-Tap the Save button to confirm the changes;
-Name the document;
-Tap Save to confirm the PDF creation.
Simple as that.

Aside from the PDF creating function, you will most probably need to convert PDF into other formats and vice versa. So, when choosing your premier PDF app for iPhone for this feature, go with PDF Extra, as we have the option to convert to the most common file formats, including office ones (i.e., convert to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files).

Conversion is a two-way street

Yes, you can convert PDFs with PDF Extra on iPhone. While some might still wonder if the iPhone can read a PDF, we aim high, praising the almighty convert option! It’s a feature that simply makes life easier (or at least the PDF-concerned part of life). With PDF Extra, the possibilities focus on the most important format conversions. And since this is a two-way street, you can easily convert:

-Word to PDF;
-Excel to PDF;
-PPT to PDF;
-PDF to Word;
-PDF to Excel;
-PDF to ePub.

conversion pdf       convert pdf 2

The process of doing all these is seamless. Open PDF Extra > Tap Home > Tap More > Find the necessary option under Convert > Tap on the convert option > Select your file directory > Select the file you want to convert > Choose OCR languages for improved conversion (optional) > Tap Next > Tap Convert.
Alternatively, if you’ve got your PDF document opened, tap the menu dropdown and select Convert.

How to customize reading on PDF Extra

Reading can be fun, but reading PDFs on iPhone can also be modified according to our key needs and preferences. PDF Extra offers a great combo of adjustments that can improve the process and put some additional touch on the experience.

For example, going on night mode can favor late-night reading when the eyes are tired. The software also offers a handful of other features to improve the reading process. Setting each one of them is easy:

· Open the PDF Extra document;
· Tap the “View Settings” icon on the lower right part of the screen;
reading a pdf

· Choose between “Continuous Scroll” and “Page View” to set how you’d like to go through the document;
· Toggle the “Night Mode” button to switch between the light and dark appearance of the screen;
· The “Two Pages at Once” option will split the screen so that you can visualize two pages at once;
· Activate “Keep Screen On” if you want your reading not disturbed by the screen dimming or turning off.
activate night mode               reading pdf 2     

“All's well that ends well” - A conclusion

Shakespeare was right about that! Thus, we may say that everything is well when it is well-read! At least when reading PDF on iPhone. Furthermore, we described the process in detail so you can get the best results. So, no matter if you need it for reading books, some other helpful content, or it’s necessary for your work, PDF Extra is a splendid iPhone PDF reader app that will serve you well anytime you need it to. And adding the amazing conversion options, this software becomes a must-have when you often need to create, view, edit, annotate or simply read a PDF on iPhone.