Converting PDF to Excel (XLSX)

The process is identical to PDF to Word. Click on the PDF Extra: XLSX conversion icon icon representing the PDF → XLSX conversion, choose whether you want OCR enabled, and select the appropriate languages to get the most out of your conversion.

NOTE: The OCR functionality is only available to PDF Extra Ultimate users.

Once done, you’ll have a perfectly formatted spreadsheet and will be able to utilize great features like formulas, macros, and other data shaping & management tools that are otherwise not supported by the PDF environment.

NOTE: To achieve the best conversion results, some light PDF to Excel prep work might be required. This includes cleaning your document from poorly or non-supported elements in Excel, such as:

  • Padding, indents, bullet lists, checklists, or any other kind of non-standard text formatting
  • Footers, headers, bates numbers, and other kinds of supplementary content
  • Video, audio, and other multimedia content

NOTE: PDF Extra supports two-way conversions (PDF → XLSX and XLSX → PDF).