The basics of PDF organization

The ability to organize PDF documents is crucial as even a few small changes can make them infinitely easier to read and digest. Similarly to PDF editing, you can use the organizer to improve what’s already there by changing the page order or completely reimage your document by adding and deleting pages until it holds just the right amount of information.

With PDF Extra’s organizer module, you can:

  • Add new pages or insert them from a file, scanner, or clipboard image
  • Rotate pages clockwise, counterclockwise, or by 180 degrees
  • Extract pages to a new file, with the option to delete the originals
  • Quickly split a PDF into two or more neatly formatted files
  • Resize one or multiple pages with the built-in crop tool
  • One-click copy single pages or a custom page range
  • Label pages with custom numbering and prefixes
  • Print or delete pages without ever leaving the organizer

In case all of this seems daunting, don’t worry as this chapter of the user guide contains everything you need to expertly use every single feature on this list.