Using Read Mode

In a world dominated by technology, distractions are all too commonplace. This is why we recently implemented “Read Mode”, which allows you to view your PDF in full screen while hiding any UI elements of both PDF Extra and your operating system for complete immersion. You can enable "Read Mode" PDF Extra: read mode icon from various places within the app or by simply pressing the “Ctrl + H” key combination. You can also easily access it from the “Home” screen by going to “More” → “Tools” → “Read Mode”.

PDF Extra: accessing Read Mode

The Read Mode toolbar

To encourage a more focused workflow, we added some of the features that you’ll likely use the most while reading, which you can access without exiting “Read Mode”.

PDF Extra: using Read Mode's discreet toolbar

You will find these features in the toolbar on the bottom left portion of your screen. Here is a brief rundown of all available options, starting from left to right:

PDF Extra: Close toolbar icon (X symbol) “X” mark: lets you exit Read Mode (you can also press the “Escape” key).

PDF Extra: highlight tool icon Highlight Text: highlight words and phrases in your chosen color.

PDF Extra: free draw icon Free Draw: make quick sketches anywhere in your file.

PDF Extra: page view icon Page View: zoom in and out of pages and switch between different page modes.

PDF Extra: find text icon Find: Locate any content within your PDF file by clicking on the icon or pressing “Ctrl +F”. Note that scanned files and images will only become searchable once you apply OCR.

PDF Extra: Read Mode's navigation controls Navigation controls: go a page back, a page forward, or jump right to the first or last page of your file. You can also go to a specific page by double-clicking the counter in the middle and typing your desired page number.

PDF Extra: Read Mode's zoom controls Zoom controls: zoom in or out by 10% increments or input a custom value by double-clicking the percentile figure in the middle.

PDF Extra: collapse Read Mode toolbar icon Collapse: hide the toolbar from view for the ultimate distraction-free workflow.