Adding links to a PDF

One simple way to instantly make your PDFs more interactive is to add relevant links to your existing content. PDF Extra allows you to add two types of links: internal (lead to a specific document page) and external (lead to a specific web page, such as

PDF Extra: insert links panel

You can also customize the link’s visual border, for instance its:

PDF Extra: link border style icon Style (solid or underline)

PDF Extra: link border thickness icon Thickness (1-3)

PDF Extra: link border color icon Color (preselected or custom colors)

PDF Extra: link border opacity icon Opacity (0-100%)

PDF Extra: link highlight style icon Highlight style (invert/push/outline/none)

However, all of this is optional and you can easily disable the border entirely by unclicking the “Visible Rectangle” checkbox.

To add a link to your document:

  1. Load up your PDF in PDF Extra.

  2. Go to “Home” → “Add Link”.

  3. Click anywhere within your document to add a link.

  4. Choose if you want the link to lead to a web page or an internal document page and adjust its border settings, if necessary.

  5. Click “Apply” to confirm your choice.