Commenting on PDF files

While reading a book, you might want to highlight an insightful paragraph or add a comment for later reference. Luckily, PDF Extra has all the commenting and markup tools you need to make your experience with PDFs seamless and enjoyable.

Accessing the “Comment” tab

You can find the commenting tools under PDF Extra’s “Comment” section.

PDF Extra: accessing the commenting and markup tools

You can also access them from PDF Extra’s home menu by going to “More” → “Tools” → “Review & Comment”.

PDF Extra: accessing the commenting tools from the Tools menu

Using the commenting tools

The “Comment” tab provides you with all the tools you need to markup books or documents any way you want. Here is what’s currently available in PDF Extra:

PDF Extra: note tool icon Note: add a sticky note to any part of your document. Once you’ve written down your information, click anywhere else within your file to save your comment.

PDF Extra: a visual example of how a comment looks like

PDF Extra: highlight tool icon Highlight: highlight your selected text in your chosen color. You can choose between 18 preset colors.

PDF Extra: choosing colors for the highlighting tool

TIP: You can also dial in a custom color by clicking on “More Colors”, which will reveal advanced options.

PDF Extra: dialing in custom colors for the highlighting tool

PDF Extra: highlight area tool icon Highlight Area: drag a rectangle around your chosen area to color it as you desire.

PDF Extra: underline and strikethrough text icons Underline/Strikethrough: strikethrough or underline currently selected text.

PDF Extra: text box icon Text Box: drag a rectangle around the area where you want to place your custom text, then simply start typing within the text box.

PDF Extra: example of a text box with written text in it

PDF Extra: text tool icon Text: insert custom text on top of currently existing text.

PDF Extra: free draw icon Free Draw: draw anything anywhere within your PDF.

PDF Extra: line shape icon Line: quickly insert a line of custom length.

PDF Extra: rectangle shape icon Rectangle: quickly insert a resizable rectangle.

PDF Extra: ellipse shape icon Ellipse: quickly insert a resizable ellipse.

PDF Extra: stamp tool icon Stamp: add premade stamps when reviewing documents to designate their current status. Choose between “Approved”, “Not Approved”, “Draft”, “Final”, “Completed”, “Confidential”, “For Public Release”, “Not For Public Release”, “For Comment”, and “Void”.

PDF Extra: stamp example which reads "Draft"

PDF Extra: attach file icon Attach File: attach any supporting file to your existing PDF, including another PDF. You can find the dedicated “Attachments” side panel in the upper left section of your screen.

PDF Extra: the Attachments side panel

TIP: For your convenience, you can sort your file attachments in several ways: by name, file size, file description, date they were last modified, and their location within your document.

PDF Extra: delete comments icon Delete Comments: click this if you want to delete ALL your comments and markups in one go. Note that this will delete markups left by other authors as well, not just your own.

PDF Extra: delete all comments confirmation dialog

PDF Extra: flatten tool icon Flatten: make your forms and comments uneditable by turning them into a permanent part of your document. To prevent accidental overwrites, PDF Extra will automatically create a flattened version of your file for you.

PDF Extra: flatten tool icon

Accessing the comments side panel

On the sidebar to your right, you will find the comments panel, which will keep track of all your comments and markups in a given document.

PDF Extra: accessing the comments side panel

Your markups will be arranged chronologically and can include anything from simple comments and highlights to stamps, objects, and file attachments. Clicking on any of the markup items in the comments panel will instantly take you to the relevant document page where you’ve left that markup.

PDF Extra: an example list of notes and markups in the comments side panel

In the panel, you can easily cut, copy, and paste markups. You can also remove a comment or a markup by right-clicking it and choosing “Delete” from the list of available options. To remove all comments and markups, however, we suggest using the “Delete Comments” functionality instead since it will save you the trouble of deleting each markup manually.