System requirements

PDF Extra has been designed from the ground up to be as efficient as possible, ensuring its stability on a wide range of devices. Still, if you are unsure whether your PC is up to the task, here are the official minimum system requirements that apply to all current versions and editions of PDF Extra.

  • Operating system: Windows 10 and above

  • Processor: 64-bit processors supported only

  • RAM memory: 2 GB

  • Storage: 500 MB of free space

Product versions

The latest release of PDF Extra for Windows can be found on our official download page. The product in turn is segmented into several different licenses, depending on your use case:

  • PDF Extra Premium: the cheapest license offering access to all core features minus PDF conversions. The license is subscription-based

  • PDF Extra Ultimate: our most popular option that also includes high-quality PDF conversions. The license is subscription-based

  • PDF Extra 2023: a one-time payment that gives you permanent access to all essential features and includes up to 1 year of free maintenance updates

For more information about the different licenses we offer, please visit our official pricing page.

Subscription vs. lifetime license

As mentioned above, PDF Extra’s Premium and Ultimate pricing tiers are based on a recurring subscription model, which is charged annually. Signing for any of our subscription plans guarantees you access to the latest software updates and features as soon as they arrive.

Lifetime versions are generally more expensive than our Premium and Ultimate tiers because such licenses never expire. The latest lifetime version and the only one users can currently purchase is called PDF Extra 2023 and offers nearly all of the features present in PDF Extra Ultimate. However, any new features or functionalities beyond that will remain inaccessible until we decide to launch a new lifetime edition of PDF Extra.

If you visit our downloads page, you will also see PDF Extra 2019 and PDF Extra 2021 as available options. These are legacy versions, meaning they are no longer being sold and updated. We’ve kept them so that people who have purchased these product versions in the past can still freely download and install them as many times as needed.

For more information on how to download each version, please refer to the “Downloading and installing PDF Extra” chapter in this guide.