Creating PDFs from a scan

The “From Scanner” option is useful when you want to digitize paperwork for easier storing and sharing. Note, however, that this option would require you to have a functional scanner. If you don’t have a scanner, you can simply install PDF Extra for Android or iOS and use your phone’s camera to scan the documents you need.

In case you already have a scanner set up and ready to go, here is what you need to do to scan a document to PDF in Windows:

1. Go to “Create” → “From Scanner”, then find your scanner from the list of nearby devices by clicking on “Add Scanner”.

PDF Extra: creating a PDF from a scan

TIP: You can run quick scanner diagnostics and change other device properties by clicking on the “Scanner Properties” link just below the name of your device.

PDF Extra: configuring scanner settings

2. With the scanner set up and ready to go, click “Scan” to continue.

3. A final window will appear prompting you to choose the scanner’s DPI resolution, the appropriate picture type, and the brightness and contrast settings.

PDF Extra: configuring advanced scanner settings

4. Click “OK” to start digitizing your documents.