The basics of PDF security

Created in the distant 1993, the PDF file format has since immensely grown in popularity, becoming the third most popular file format on the web after HTML and XHTML. However, with this visibility also came unwanted attention from various hacker groups and so in 2022 the PDF also ranked as the third most malicious file type received over email (22%) right after .doc (35%) and .exe (26%), which is why learning how to properly secure your files is crucial now more than ever.

PDF Extra ensures your piece of mind by providing you with 4 different ways in which you can protect your files from malicious parties. These are:

  • Read-only password (prohibits anyone from viewing your file)
  • Permissions password (prohibits advanced functions, such as PDF editing)
  • Digital signature (guarantees that nobody has made changes to your file)
  • Timestamp (a type of digital signature with server-based validation)