Sharing files with others

Sharing makes everything better. If you’ve found a book inspiring and want to share it with your peers, all you have to do is click on the “Share” PDF Extra: share icon icon and choose whether to send your PDF file as a cloud link, an email attachment, or a zipped attachment.

Optimizing file size with PDF compression

In case your file exceeds the allowed limits of your email client, you can also take advantage of the built-in PDF compressor PDF Extra: compress icon, which will reduce the size of your file without degrading its quality. You can access the compressor from the “Home” menu by going to “Tools” → “More” → “Compress”.

PDF Extra: accessing the PDF compressor

You can compress both text and images. For print work, you can also enable DPI compression to ensure that your images will look great on any physical medium even post-compression.

PDF Extra: PDF compressor settings window

Read our chapter on PDF file compression to learn more about this feature and use it to its fullest potential.