Organizing pages in a PDF

PDF Extra: organize pages icon 
PDF Extra has a flexible “Organize Pages” module that allows you to make sense of your files with intuitive drag-and-drop controls. Simply place each page where you want it to be and PDF Extra will automatically renumber each page in chronological order.

PDF Extra: organizer module page visualizer section

Let’s take a look at each of the options that the “Organize Pages” module presents.

PDF Extra: insert pages icon Insert Pages: insert new blank pages, import pages from other PDFs, or import a scanned or a clipboard image

PDF Extra: rotate icon Rotate: rotate individual pages clockwise and counterclockwise. You can also rotate a custom page range or all pages at once.

PDF Extra: extract pages icon Extract Pages: copy select pages to a brand new PDF, with the option of deleting the original pages upon extraction.

PDF Extra: extract pages dialog window

 PDF Extra: split pages icon Split PDF: divide a single file into two or more PDFs which will contain the evenly distributed pages of the original document.

PDF Extra: duplicate pages icon Duplicate Pages: instantly copy the currently selected pages with a single click.

PDF Extra: page labels icon Page Labels: change the numbering format (digits, letters, Roman numerals), apply suffixes, and choose whether these changes should start from a specific page (“Starting Page”), apply to a custom page range, or should affect the whole document.

PDF Extra: page labels dialog window

PDF Extra: print pages icon Print Pages: choose how many pages to print, the printed PDF’s orientation, and whether the document should be printed on a single side or on both sides. You can also shrink any oversized pages and print the file as an image.

PDF Extra: print dialog window

PDF Extra: rotate icon Delete Pages: delete your current page selection or a custom page range.

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