Navigating your files

PDF Extra offers you a variety of ways to view your PDF books or documentation. In this brief overview, we will focus on the basics of file navigation, such as how to quickly jump from one PDF segment to another, zoom in and out of your document, view pages individually or side by side, or rotate pages to achieve a landscape or a portrait orientation.

Basic navigation options

PDF Extra: exploring basic page navigation

If all you need to do is quickly skim through a book or document, you can safely ignore all features in the upper ribbon of the interface and exclusively focus on just three things:

  1. The “Pages” tab. Gives you a scrollable list of all available pages in your document and also includes a visual preview of each page. Simply selecting a page will take you right to it and you can also drag & drop pages to quickly change their order on the fly.

  2. The page navigation tool. Allows you to go to the next or previous page, as well as to quickly jump to the first or last page of your document. You can also visit specific pages by clicking on the page counter and inputting your desired page. Finally, you also have “Go Back” and “Go Forward” – two options that let you go a step back or a step forward through your viewing path, respectively.

  3. Zoom controls & "Read Mode". From here, you can enter "Read Mode" to view your files in full screen without being distracted by the app’s UI. You can also set the zoom level to show the whole page, set the zoom level to show the page width, or zoom in or out by an increment of 10% or any other custom amount.

Advanced navigation options

You can find some of the more advanced features, such as the search tool and the page view modes, in the “Home” section of PDF Extra.

PDF Extra: exploring advanced page navigation options

Here is a brief overview of how you can further improve your reading experience.

  • PDF Extra: hand icon Hand: seamlessly drag the view around your PDF document

  • PDF Extra: text select icon Select: select any text or images throughout your document

  •  PDF Extra: actual file size icon Actual Size: display your PDF in its original size

  • PDF Extra: rotate pages controls Rotate Pages: rotate pages either clockwise or counterclockwise

  •  PDF Extra: single page icon Single Page: display your file as a single non-scrollable page

PDF Extra: activating single page view mode

  •  PDF Extra: continuous page mode icon Continuous: display your file as a single scrollable page

  •  PDF Extra: two pages mode icon Two Pages: display your file as two non-scrollable side-by-side pages

PDF Extra: activating two-page view mode

  •   PDF Extra: two pages continuous page mode icon Two Pages Continuous: display your file as two scrollable side-by-side pages

  •  PDF Extra: separate cover icon Separate Cover: separate the cover page while in Two Pages or Two Pages Continuous modes so that the remaining pages in your book are properly aligned with each other.

Example with Separate Cover disabled:

PDF Extra: separate cover function disabled example

Example with Separate Cover enabled:

PDF Extra: separate cover function enabled example

  • PDF Extra: find text icon Find: find entered text within a document by either clicking on the icon or pressing “Ctrl + F”. PDF Extra also allows you to filter your search results by checking the “Match case” or “Whole words only” checkboxes.

Example with “Match case” enabled:

PDF Extra: match case search results example

Example with “Whole words only” enabled:

PDF Extra: search by whole words only example