The basics of PDF conversion

Sometimes, you need more flexibility than what the static PDF format can offer. For instance, converting a PDF to Excel is a great way to analyze large quantities of raw data in a pinch. On the other hand, turning an Office document to PDF guarantees that your file will retain its original quality and formatting, regardless of which device it is being opened in.

No matter your use case, having a reliable PDF converter is a must for getting work done.

With PDF Extra, you can convert PDFs to:

  • Microsoft Word* (DOCX)
  • Microsoft Excel* (XLSX)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (PPTX)
  • Images (PNG/JPEG)
  • HTML*, ePub, and RTF*

With the exception of HTML and RTF, you can also go the other way around and convert files to PDF so you can then effortlessly share your work with anyone and on any platform.


: The PDF to HTML and PDF to RTF conversions, as well as the OCR options included in the Microsoft Word and Excel conversions, are available to Ultimate plan users only. For more detailed information about our pricing plans, please check out our pricing page.