The basics of PDF viewing аnd commenting

These days, you can read PDF documents just about anywhere – on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV. Even browsers support this feature and you can easily set Chrome, Edge, or any other browser as your default PDF reader. The downside to all that is you often can’t interact with your PDF files in any meaningful way beyond simply viewing or printing your document. At the same time, nice-to-have features like the ability to bookmark, leave comments, and search through pages are either missing or locked behind a payment plan.

With PDF Extra, you get access to most of these features for free, while our Premium and Ultimate pricing plans also offer a wide range of commenting tools, making our app your ultimate day-to-day solution when working with PDFs on desktop or mobile devices.

In this chapter of the user guide, we will cover how to best make use of PDF Extra’s:

  • Navigation tools, including the ability to rotate and search documents
  • Different page view modes, zoom options, and built-in OCR tool
  • Commenting tools, such as adding notes, highlights, and stamps
  • Dedicated Read Mode which helps you work without distractions
  • PDF layers, including how to hide, unhide, and lock PDF layers
  • Compression and sharing tools for seamless collaboration

Let’s get started!